How to Install Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 GSI ROM

Are you excited about the latest version of Android? you can use Android 12 is your Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 phone. I know you are asking how it’s possible Samsung doesn’t give android 11 update. This is unofficial methods we are installing Pixel Experience GSI ROM base on Android 12. GSI ROM support all the … Read more

Download SDK Platform Tools Latest Version 2023

Download SDK Platform Tools

The SDK platform tools are a crucial part of the Android development process, as they allow developers to quickly and easily modify the internal system settings of an Android device. If you’re interested in accessing these features, it’s important to have a good understanding of the tools and processes involved in rooting an Android device. … Read more

How to Install GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

How to Flash GSI ROM Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of installing a GSI (Generic System Image) ROM on your Samsung Galaxy A9 2018. The GSI ROM is a pure Android implementation that can be installed on any Treble-enabled device, including the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018. This allows you to upgrade your device to the latest … Read more