Google Authenticator App 6.0 with Cloud Syncing: Download

If you use two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure your online accounts, you might already be familiar with the Google Authenticator app. This app generates one-time codes that you can use along with your password to log in to various services, such as Google, Dropbox, and Facebook. While the app has been around for years, Google recently released version 6.0 of the Authenticator app, which adds a useful feature: cloud syncing. In this article, I will explain how this feature works and why it’s important for keeping your 2FA codes safe.

With cloud syncing, the Google Authenticator app 6.0 allows you to backup and restore your 2FA codes across multiple devices. This means that if you lose or replace your phone, you can easily transfer your codes to a new device without having to reconfigure them manually. To enable cloud syncing, you need to sign in to your Google account within the app, which will securely store your codes on Google’s servers. The app uses end-to-end encryption to protect your codes during transmission and storage, so only you can access them with your Google account credentials.

Google Authenticator App 6.0 with Cloud Syncing
Google Authenticator App 6.0 with Cloud Syncing

However, you might not be able to download the Google Authenticator app 6.0 from the Google Play Store, especially if you have an older Android device or a custom ROM. In my case, I couldn’t find the 6.0 version of the app on the Play Store despite having a relatively new phone. Fortunately, you can still download the app from reputable sources such as APKMirror, which hosts verified APK files from app developers. I personally downloaded the 6.0 APK from APKMirror and installed it on my phone without any issues. According to APKMirror, the file is signed by Google LLC and has valid certificate fingerprints and file hashes, which guarantee its authenticity and integrity.

What’s New in Google Authenticator App 6.0

Google Authenticator App 6.0 introduces several improvements and new features, including:

Google Authenticator App With Cloud Syncing
Google Authenticator App with Cloud Syncing
  • Cloud syncing: You can backup and restore your 2FA codes across devices by signing in to your Google account.
  • Dark mode: You can switch to a darker theme for the app interface, which is easier on the eyes and saves battery life on OLED screens.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements: The app is now more stable and responsive, with fewer glitches and crashes.

Download Google Authenticator App 6.0

To download Google Authenticator App 6.0 Latest Version, simply follow the link provided below to the direct download page on the apkmirror website. From there, you can download the app with just one click. It’s important to note that since the app may not be available on the Play Store for some devices, downloading the APK file from a reliable source like apkmirror is a safe and legitimate option.

Google Authenticator App Download Latest Version
Google Authenticator App Download Latest Version

With this version of the app, you can benefit from the added security of cloud syncing, ensuring that your two-factor authentication codes are always accessible even if you lose your phone. So go ahead and download the app today to keep your accounts secure and easily accessible.

Download: Google Authenticator App 6.0


Google Authenticator App 6.0 with cloud syncing is a useful and secure tool for managing your 2FA codes across devices. By following the steps above, you can download and install the latest version of the app on your device and enjoy its new features and improvements. However, always remember to use strong and unique passwords for your accounts and enable 2FA whenever possible to add an extra layer of protection against hackers and cyber attacks.

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