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  5. Users of save software at their own risk. When downloading apps from the web resource, a site visitor acknowledges that installation and full use of the software may necessitate payment of a fee. Users are notified that the files can be placed by other users as well, with the actions of the administrative team being moderated.
  6. The administrative structure makes no promises or guarantees about the site or its content, including, without limitation, in terms of relevance, correctness, accessibility, accuracy, completeness, or consistency with any specific goals of the website and content, in relation to that there will be no problems when browsing the portal, that it will be safe and uninterrupted, that the Administrators Group will fix the named malfunctions, or that there will be no Terrorist Attacks.
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  8. Controlling the legality or illegality of the information uploaded and received, including the information that visitors transfer to one another, either as separate materials or by sending links, is not among the administration’s core powers. The copyright, legality of receiving and forwarding, and use of items communicated between participants are not determined by the group of administrators.
  9. For the specified two users, the contents transmitted by one user to another constitute the subject of file exchange. The administration cannot be held liable for the substance of this information, nor can it be held liable for any author or group of authors that contributed to it. Regardless, administrators may have access to this information because, unless otherwise stated, any information transmitted on this resource instantly becomes the property of the founders.
  10. The portal administration team takes reasonable steps to ensure the content’s completeness, legality, and relevance, but the Administration is not responsible for the intentional or unintentional actions of third parties or organizations, such as those produced using materials found on the Internet project or through a resource provided by the Administration and third parties.
  11. In accordance with current legislation, the Internet project’s administrative structure disclaims any promises, guarantees, or assurances that may be offered or taken into account, and the Management Group is not liable for the Internet project’s content, participants, or the site itself.
  12. Only the advertiser is responsible for advertising materials that are put on the portal. The website additionally informs that the ability to purchase or use the advertised services and commodities at the price or under the terms stated in the ad units is not guaranteed. The visitor acknowledges that the resource is not liable for any potential repercussions (including any damage) arising from such advertising relationship. Personal harm, computer malfunction, computer addiction, damage to computing mechanisms and home networks, legal issues, and so on are examples of such damage.
  13. Users can contribute comments, questions, recommendations, complaints, and other notifications to the Internet project, which will be entered into the relevant portions of the portal and read by other participants. The information submitted is not the responsibility of this web page.
  14. The party publishing the materials is responsible for ensuring copyright ownership and the validity of the articles or applications made out.
  15. Until the materials are updated by the moderators, the admin team is not liable for the content of the materials.
  16. Without alerting the participants, the management group maintains the right to enhance and lower these requirements. In addition, the Management Group is not liable for any changes, adjustments, editing, or deletions made by participants on the portal or other associated sites.
  17. The administrative group has the authority to deny any visitor or group of participants access to the web resource without warning or explanation.
  18. Without warning or explanation of claims, the administration has the right to change or delete links to text information, executable files, audio materials, graphic files, and other data that the Participants have placed on the web resource.
  19. The full and current owners of the name, trademark of the organization, product, copyright to the design, copyright material, and certain indirect rights referred to, utilized, or quoted on the provided portal. Unless otherwise stated on the resource, no one has the authority to manage the rights to use copyright data except the owner of the rights. Theft of copyright material is the responsibility of the user.
  20. Reading, disseminating, or changing information published on this resource may be illegal in the country where this project is being utilized.
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  22. The visitor acknowledges that the normative acts and laws governing the protection of consumer rights for the participant’s use of an online resource are inapplicable because no commercial services are provided.
  23. Silence and neutrality on the part of the resource administrators team in the case of an obvious or hidden violation of the Rules by a member of the Rules does not preclude the site administration from taking appropriate measures to preserve the portal’s interests subsequently.
  24. When some rules are deemed invalid under Russian Federation legislation, the other requirements remain in effect.
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