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Welcome to Magiskzip.com

Our passion for Android runs deep. Founded by Bishal Pokhrel in 2022, Magiskzip.com has been at the forefront of Android development. From custom ROMs to innovative Magisk modules, our journey is driven by curiosity and the commitment to share knowledge.

Our Mission

We aim to empower Android enthusiasts of all levels. Magiskzip.com is your comprehensive resource for:

  • Rooting Simplified: We demystify the rooting process with clear guides and address common concerns, making rooting accessible and safe for everyone.
  • Custom ROM Exploration: Discover the world of custom firmware, with insights on the best options, features, and compatibility to rejuvenate your device.
  • Magisk Modules Unleashed: Delve into the world of Magisk modules. Our in-depth reviews, installation guides, and recommendations help you enhance your device’s functionality.

Trustworthy Downloads

Your safety is our priority. We ensure the reliability and security of files provided for download:

  • Secure Private Cloud Hosting: All files are now hosted on our secure private cloud server, offering you direct links to custom and GSI ROMs without compromising safety.
  • Virus Scans: Rigorous virus scanning is performed on every file to guarantee your device’s protection.
  • Trusted Sources: Downloads are sourced directly from reputable developers, and we personally test each file to meet our high-quality standards.

Multimedia Experience

Magiskzip.com offers a rich multimedia experience to connect you with the Android community:

  • Blog Posts: Join us on our blog for personal experiences, troubleshooting tips, and the latest in Android development.
  • YouTube Channel: Our YouTube channel features tutorials, demos, and more. Subscribe for updates on everything from rooting guides to app reviews.


Magiskzip.com is an independent platform dedicated to assisting users in the Android ecosystem. We are not affiliated with Topjohnwu, the developer of Magisk, but we share the same goal: to empower Android enthusiasts by simplifying complex processes and sharing valuable information.

Bishal Pokhrel
Bishal Pokhrel

Bishal Pokhrel is a seasoned developer with extensive experience in Android app and website development. He specializes in Magisk, Magisk Modules, Custom ROMs, Android root, and Android tricks, and regularly shares his insights on these topics.