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Are you looking for a GSI ROM for your Android device? If so, you have come to the right place! GSI stands for Generic System Image, and it is a pure Android implementation that can be flashed to any Project Treble-compliant device. This means that you can install a GSI ROM on your device even if it is not officially supported by phone manafacture.

However, before downloading a GSI ROM, you need to know which image file your device requires. You can find this information by checking your device’s specifications or by searching online.


How to Check if Your Phone Supports Project Treble?

Project Treble is a system-level initiative by Google to make it easier for manufacturers to update their Android devices to newer versions of the operating system. If your phone supports Project Treble, you can install newer versions of Android without having to wait for your manufacturer to release an update.

To check if your phone supports Project Treble, you can use the following steps:

  • Download the “Project Info” app from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app and tap on the “Images” tab.
  • Look for the “Screen Message”.
  • If your phone supports Project Treble, then you see also which file you should download.
Treble Info
Treble Info

Downloading a GSI ROM

If you’re looking to install a custom ROM on your Android device, you may be interested in using a Generic System Image (GSI). GSIs are pure Android implementations that can be flashed to any Project Treble-compliant device. This means that you can install a GSI ROM on your device even if it is not officially supported by the ROM’s developer.

Once you have downloaded the ROM file, you will need to flash it to your device. This can be done using a custom recovery, such as TWRP ot ADB Fastboot.

Flashing a GSI ROM is a relatively simple process, but it is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your device.

Official Android 14

The official Android 14 GSI ROM list includes the latest and stable versions of Android 14 for various devices. To download the latest version, simply select your favorite ROM from the list below and click the “Download” button.

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UpdatedROMMaintainerDownloadCommunityArchitectureSecurity Patch
25 NovAOSPTrebleDroid BuildersDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderNov 2023
Official Android 14

Unofficial Android 14

You can download the latest unofficial Android 14 GSI ROM from the list provided below.

UpdatedROMMaintainerDownloadCommunityArchitectureSecurity Patch
06 DecDerpFestKoysXDownloadTelegramARM64Nov 2023
01 DecEvolution XKoysXDownloadTelegramARM64Nov 2023
01 DecAOSPPoncesDownloadTelegramARM64Nov 2023
25 NovMiku UIxiaoleGunDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderNov 2023
14 NovPixelOSMisterZtrDownloadTelegramARM64Nov 2023
Unofficial Android 14

Official Android 13

The official Android 13 GSI ROM list includes the latest and stable versions of Android 13 for various devices. Download the latest version from the list below.

UpdatedROMMaintainerDownloadCommunityArchitectureSecurity Patch
22 NovGoogle GSIGoogleDownloadTelegramARM64 – X86Nov 2023
05 NovProject ElixirKrutosX & LynixDownloadTelegramARM64Sep 2023
01 OctAncientOSNazimDownloadTelegramARM64Sep 2023
25 SepLeOS 20Harvey186DL1 / DL2TelegramARM64 – BinderSep 2023
06 SepAOSPTrebleDroid BuildersDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderAug 2023
17 JulLeafOS BETALinux4DownloadTelegramARM64Jul 2023
Official Android 13

Are you interested in installing Android 13 on your phone but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, we have a full guide article to help you through the process. Just follow the simple methods outlined in the article and you will be able to easily install Android 13 on your phone.

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Unofficial Android 13

UpdatedROMMaintainerDownloadCommunityArchitectureSecurity Patch
04 NovMiku UIxiaoleGunDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderOct 2023
03 NovBaikalOSChonDoitDownloadTelegramARM64Oct 2023
03 NovSuperior OSChonDoeDownloadTelegramARM64Oct 2023
28 OctArrowOSNazimDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderOct 2023
22 OctCherish OSChonDoeDownloadTelegramARM64Oct 2023
20 OctcrDroidNazimDownloadTelegramARM64Oct 2023
17 OctLineageOSTD-basedAndyYanDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderOct 2023
15 OctLineageOS”Light”AndyYanDownloadTelegramARM64Oct 2023
15 OctSparkOSNazimDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderOct 2023
09 OctAlphaDroidChonDoeDownloadTelegramARM64Oct 2023
09 OctDerpFestKoysXDownloadTelegramARM64Oct 2023
01 OctRisingOSMisterZtrDownloadTelegramARM64Sep 2023
20 SepVoltageOSAhnetDownloadTelegramARM64Sep 2023
15 SepPixel Experience (Plus)PoncesDownloadTelegramARM64Aug 2023
15 SepPixel ExperiencePoncesDownloadTelegramARM64Aug 2023
04 SepYAAPAhnetDownloadTelegramARM64Aug 2023
23 AugEvolution XPoncesDownloadTelegramARM64Aug 2023
21 AugPixelOSMisterZtrDownloadTelegramARM64Aug 2023
29 JulFirmware CollectionTheAtt1laDownloadTelegramARM64 – BinderJul 2023
21 JunBiancaProjectItzKaguyaDownloadTelegramARM64Jun 2023
16 JunLeaOSIceowsDownloadTelegramARM64Jun 2023
13 MayLMODroidLynixDownloadTelegramARM64May 2023
24 FebProjectBlazej7b3yDownloadTelegramARM64Feb 2023
20 JanRiceDroidLynixDownloadTelegramARM64Jan 2023
Unofficial Android 13

Official Android 12/12L

Explore the Official Android 12 GSI ROM Collection: Find the Latest and Stable Versions for Your Device. Download the Most Suitable and Up-to-Date Android 12 GSI ROM from the List Below.

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17 OctGoogle GSIGoogleDownloadARM64 – X86
09 NovAOSPPhhussonDownloadARM64 – Binder
10 OctLeOS (19.1)Harvey186DownloadARM64 – Binder
09 OctCorvus OSTipzTeam2DownloadARM64
24 AugAncient OSNazimDownloadARM64 – Binder
27 JulKaleidoscopeOSKaleidoscopeOSDownloadARM64
13 JunDescendantOSDescendantOSDownloadARM64
10 JunStatiXOXStatiX TeamDownloadARM64
Official Android 12/12L

Unofficial Android 12/12L

6 AugSuperiorOSChonDoeDownloadARM64
05 MayLineageOSAndyYanDownloadARM64 – Binder
17 FebPixel Experience PlusMeowIceDownloadARM64
21 JancrDroidNazimDownloadARM64 – Binder
18 NovPixel Experience PlusPoncesDownloadARM64
18 NovPixel ExperiencePoncesDownloadARM64
23 OctStag OSTheAtt1laDownloadARM64
20 OctEvolution XTheAtt1laDownloadARM64
19 OctArrow OSNazimDownloadARM64 – Binder
15 OctKomodoOSTheAtt1laDownloadARM64
13 OctRiceDroid™TheAtt1laDownloadARM64 – Binder
11 OctXdroidTheAtt1laDownloadARM64
03 OctNitrogen OSTheAtt1laDownloadARM64
28 SepProjectBlazej7b3yDownloadARM64
21 AugProtonAOSPHaridhayalDownloadARM64
20 AugAwaken OSChonDoeDownloadARM64
19 AugSpark OSNazimDownloadARM64- Binder
16 AugCherish OSChonDoeDownloadARM64
11 AugdotOSAngelaCoolDownloadARM64
26 JulMiku UIxiaoleGunDownloadARM64
JanCesium OSGenkzsz11DownloadARM64
Unofficial Android 12/12L

Official Android 11

18 AugAOSP 11GoogleDownloadARM64 – X86
JulyLeOS Rharvey186DownloadARM64 – Binder
JulyLeOS Qharvey186DownloadARM64 – Binder
17 DecCorvus OSTipzTeam1DownloadARM64 – Binder
15 OctDot OSCommunityDownloadARM64 – Binder
22 JanCAOSeremiteinDownloadARM64 – Binder
05 OctAOSPPhhussonDownloadARM64 – Binder
18 SepOctaviOSYillieeDownloadARM64 – Binder
12 SepDescendant 11.5Dil3mm4DownloadARM64
29 AugNusantaraProjectwulan17DownloadARM64 – Binder
06 JunAncient OSankitkeneDownloadARM64 – Binder
21 MayHavocBraialindoDownloadARM64 – Binder
02 MayBlissROMseremiteinDownloadARM64 – Binder
AprilCherishOSBraialindoDownloadARM64 – Binder
FebruaryHavocxEugWXDAARM64 – Binder
Official Android 11

Unofficial Android 11

15 FebLineageOS 18.1MeowIceDownloadARM64 – Binder
20 JanLineageOSAndyYanDownloadARM64 – Binder
01 FebcrDroid R ModeremiteinDownloadARM64 – Binder
28 JanLineageOS R ModeremiteinDownloadARM64 – Binder
26 DecPixel Experience/PlusponcesDownloadARM64 – Binder
MayFirmware collectionIgor-s7DownloadARM64 – Binder
MayFirmware collectionBraialindoDownloadARM64 – Binder
Unofficial Android 11

Official Android 10

July/e/ OSe FoundationInstallationARM64 – Binder
DecGoogle GSIGoogleDownloadARM64 – X86
DecHavocskulshady, zenixxxDownloadARM64 – Binder
OctCAOSeremiteinDownloadARM64 – Binder
OctBlissROMseremiteinDownloadARM64 – Binder
AugAOSPphhussonDownloadARM64 – Binder
Official Android 10

Unofficial Android 10

ROMMaintainerDownloadPartition StyleArchitecture
Firmware collectionturbolukex5DownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
Firmware collectioneremiteinDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
Firmware collectionIgor-s7DownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
Firmware collectionTrisquelDownloadAARM64
Firmware collectionDiustDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
LineageOSAndyYanDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
Resurrection Remix QRobotHanzoDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
POSPtwsunsetDownloadA – A/BARM64
Firmware collectionBraialindoDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
Unofficial Android 10

Official Android 9 Pie

ROMMaintainerDownloadPartition StyleArchitecture
AOSiPakhilnarangDownloadA – A/BARM64
AOSPphhussonDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
AospExtendedEnesSastimDownloadA – A/BARM64
ArrowOSganesh varmaDownloadA – A/BARM64
Bliss OSsixohtewDownloadA – A/BARM64
DescendantDil3mm4DownloadA – A/BARM64
EvolutionXpeaktogooDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
Havoc-OSvince31frXDAA – A/BARM64 – Binder
OctopusOSDeepflexXDAA – A/BARM64
Paranoid AndroidjoshuousDownloadAARM64
ProjectTitaniumXTutorialsDownloadA – A/BARM64
RainOSyey59DownloadA – A/BARM64
ResurrectionRemixmracarDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
UltraSuccROMDanielTheCzlekDownloadA – A/BARM64
ViperOSpeaktogooDownloadA – A/BARM64
ZirconiumAosppeaktogooDownloadA – A/BARM64
Official Android 9 Pie

Unofficial Android 9 Pie

ROMMaintainerDownloadPartition StyleArchitecture
AOKPNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
AOSP [MicroG]oF2pksDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
AospExtendedNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
BeastROMsNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
Benzo RomyshalsagerXDAA – A/BARM64
BootleggersROMNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
BootleggersROMTechnicalDownloadA – A/BARM64
dotOSashu7073DownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
/e/PhieXDAA – A/BARM64
EvolutionXNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
Havoc-OSNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
Havoc-OSTechnicalDownloadA – A/BARM64
ionNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
LineageOSAndyYanDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
LineageOSDeepflexDownloadA – A/BARM64
LiquidRemixking1990XDAA – A/BARM64 – Binder
LLuviaOSNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
NitrogenOSNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
OmniROMking1990XDAA – A/BARM64 – Binder
Pixel DustamarbajpaiDownloadA – A/BARM64
Pixel ExperienceEnesSastimDownloadA – A/BARM64 – Binder
PixelDirtyNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
POSPNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
PrismaOSNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
SuperiorOSNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
SyberiaOSNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
Treble-ized 0snoobstyle1337DownloadA – A/BARM64
ZirconiumAospNFoundDownloadA – A/BARM64
Unofficial Android 9 Pie

OEM Android 9 Pie Ports

ROMMaintainerDownloadPartition StyleArchitecture
Android PerfanoabdiDownloadA – A/BARM64
Android P (PQ2A)GabrielHowardDownloadA – A/BARM64
ColorOSataberkozenDownloadA – A/BARM64
RedmagicOSataberkozenDownloadA – A/BARM64
OEM Android 9 Pie Ports

Android 8 Oreo

ROMMaintainerDownloadPartition StyleArchitecture
AOSIPnoobstyle1337DownloadA – A/BARM64
AOSP 8.1phhussonDownloadA – A/BARM64
AOSP ExtendedAryanPatidarDownloadA – A/BARM64
AOSP ExtendedTingyiChenDownloadAARM64
ArrowOSbauuuuuDownloadA – A/BARM64
BootleggersROMdil3mm4DownloadA – A/BARM64
CarbonRomAryanPatidarDownloadA – ABARM64
CosmicOSnoobstyle1337DownloadA – A/BARM64
CrDroiddil3mm4DownloadA – A/BARM64
dotOSdotOS TeamDownloadA – A/BARM64
LineageOSphhussonDownloadA – A/BARM64
LineageOSiamsaalimDownloadA – A/BARM64
OmniROM TreskmodLetzenDownloadAARM64
Resurrection RemixmracarDownloadA – A/BARM64
Resurrection RemixphhussonDownloadA – A/BARM64
Resurrection RemixpchatzopDownloadA – A/BARM64
Pixel Experiencejhenrique09DownloadA – A/BARM64
XenonHDyshalsagerDownloadA – A/BARM64
Android 8 Oreo
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Generic System Image (GSI):

How to check if your phone supports Project Treble?

You can use the Treble Info app available on the Google Play store to check if your device supports Project Treble.

How to check which system image file supports your phone?

You can use the Project Info app available on the Google Play store to check which system image file supports your phone.

What is GSI?

GSI stands for Generic System Image. It is a new initiative from Google that aims to make it easier and faster to push out the latest version of Android updates.

Remember to carefully research and choose a ROM that is compatible with your device and meets your needs. Be sure to also follow the proper installation instructions and make a backup of your data before flashing a ROM.

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