HunterX Reborn Magisk Module

HunterX Reborn is a Magisk module designed to enhance the performance of Android devices. It provides various optimizations and tweaks to improve stability, battery life, and gaming experience.

Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Core Control Parameters: Adjusts CPU settings to optimize performance.
  2. App Opening Speed Optimization: Enhances the speed at which apps open.
  3. Power Hints: Provides stable configurations for power management.
  4. Boost Audio: Improves audio performance.
  5. Force SELinux Enforcing: Enhances security by enforcing SELinux policies.
  6. Ram Management: Optimizes RAM usage.
  7. GPU Performance: Boosts graphics performance.
  8. HDR Configuration: Fine-tunes HDR settings.

Contributors: Developed by rakarmp

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