Zygisk Detach Magisk Module

Zygisk Detach Magisk Module is an open-source utility that allows users to detach installed apps from the Google Play Store. This is particularly useful against the Play Store’s aggressive updating policy, which sometimes ignores the auto-update settings specified by users.

Developed by: j-hc.

Key Features:

  • Detachment of Apps: Prevents unwanted automatic updates by detaching apps from the Play Store.
  • Hooks libbinder with Zygisk: Utilizes Zygisk to hook into the system’s libbinder for effective detachment.
  • CLI and App Interface: Offers a command-line interface (CLI) for power users and an app for those who prefer a graphical interface.


  • Zygisk or ZygiskNext module enabled in Magisk or KernelSU.
  • A device reboot after flashing the module.


  • Flash the Zygisk Detach module via Magisk or KernelSU.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Run the CLI in Termux with `su -c detach` or use the Zygisk Detach app to select the apps you wish to detach.

Usage Notes:

  • Changes are applied immediately, no need to reboot after detaching apps.
  • The module reads a generated detach.bin in the Magisk module folder, which can be made portable by including it in the module zip.

For users who want to take control over their app updates and prevent automatic changes that could affect their customized setup, Zygisk Detach offers a straightforward solution. It’s part of the broader open-source community’s efforts to enhance user autonomy on Android devices.

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