Best Magisk Module for Gaming, Boost your Gaming Experience

Magisk is a systemless module for Android that provides a number of features that are useful for the boost your gaming experience. These features include the ability to touch, ram, fps management tweaks, to modify system settings. I’ll share in this article top best gaming Magisk Module.

Best Magisk Module for Gaming, Boost your Gaming Experience
Best Magisk Module for Gaming, Boost your Gaming Experience

Godspeed Mode

Godspeed Mode is a Magisk Module enables system-wide performance enhancements on any Android device. Godspeed Mode includes a number of features to improve gaming performance, including fps booster, GPU touch render, CAF CPU boost, and more.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the gaming performance of your Android device, Godspeed Mode is definitely worth a try.



Pinger is a great Magisk module that allows you to fix unstable network pings. It’s perfect for troubleshooting network issues or simply keeping an eye on your devices.

Pinger Magisk Module
Pinger Magisk Module

How to use Pingger ‘Magisk Module’?

  • Open termux
  • $~su
  • $~pingger

How to enable or disable Pinger feature?

  • You need to edit text so install app from play store ‘Text Editor’
  • Open device file manager
  • Open pingger.profile file with text editor apk in /sdcard/pingger
  • You simply off or on from text edit



You don’t have ultra hd graphics enable options in your game setting, don’t worry this iUnlocker-Sapphire Magisk Module help you unlock graphics settings. This Magisk module also improvements devies FPS you can enable 120 fps some games.

This Magisk Module ‘iUnlocker-Sapphire‘ support all 64bit phones android 11 Or android 12 with snapdragon processor.


Project Xtreme Tweaks

If you’re looking for a way to boost your gaming Performance and battery back-up than this Magisk Module Project Xtreme Tweaks help you much.

Best things about the Project Xtreme Tweaks module this universal chipset support. This Magisk module improvements also your phone touch and ram management tweaks.

How to use Project Xtreme Tweaks?

  • Install Termux APK on your phone.
  • Open Termux and type command : su -c pxt


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