Download Magisk Uninstaller Zip Latest Version 2022

In this article, we introduced the unrooting process in detail and brought you excellent software for rooting Magisk application and its Flashable Zip File. So this guide is about how to unroot your Android phone. I hope you found this article helpful and informative. So this guide is about how to download Magisk Uninstaller Zip file and unroot the device.

How to Uninstall Magisk

In this article, you will not only learn about how to uninstall Magisk, I will also provide you with a direct link to download the latest version of Magisk uninstaller zip file and the complete uninstaller process on your Android device.

Magisk Uninstaller Zip v25.2 Download Latest Version

Uninstall Magisk from TWRP

If you want to uninstall from TWRP, just download Magisk Uninstaller Zip file and follow the same steps to completed uninstall Magisk.

  • First you need to reboot your phone TWRP recovery mode.
  • You see TWRP home screen Install options just press.
Install TWRP Recovery
  • Just select the Magisk uninstaller zip file.
Uninstall Magisk from Custom Recovery
  • Swipe to flash the magisk uninstaller file.
Uninstall Magisk from TWRP
  • Finally reboot your system.
Uninstall Magisk from TWRP Recovery

(That’s easy step to completely remove Magisk from your phone.)

Download Magisk Unsinataller Zip 25.2

In fact, Magisk is the simplest and most reliable tool that anyone can use to root their Android device. Magisk is the safest way to root Android because it launches your Android without modifying the real system files on the phone, which is a good thing. Magisk can be downloaded to a phone without rooting and can help you root your phone.

magisk icon
Magisk Uninstaller Zip

File Name :

Version : 25.2

Size 10.8MB

Download Magisk Uninstaller Zip 25.1

File Name :

Version : 25.1

Size : 10.7MB

Download Magisk Uninstaller Zip 25.0

File Name :

Version : 25.0

Size : 10.6MB

Download Magisk Uninstaller Zip 24.3

File Name :

Version : 24.3

Size : 10.4MB

Uninstall Magisk from Magisk App

If you don’t want to spend extra effort to install Magisk Uninstaller, you can simply uninstall Magisk from your Android phone from the application it self. Just follow this three step.

  • Open you Magisk App
  • You see red color button Uninstall Magisk just press.
  • And final just conform the Complete Uninstall.
Magisk Uninstaller from Magisk APK

(In this article I’ll explain 2 method to uninstalling of Magisk please tell me which method you use and why?.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will provide some important frequently asked question answer. You want to asked other question you can email us.

What is Magisk Uninstaller ZIP?

Magisk Uninstaller ZIP is a flashable file that is help to completed uninstall Magisk APK from your android phone.

How to Uninstall Magisk?

There is two way to uninstall Magisk first you can use Magisk Uninstaller ZIP file and second direct uninstall from Magisk APK.

Can phone stuck at boot after uninstalling Magisk from app?

In my answer of this question NO but some of the case phone stuck at boot after uninstalling from magisk app. I see many user post on forums about this Stuck at Boot issue.

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