How to Uninstall Magisk Completely From Android Phones

In this article we will completely uninstall Magisk (Magisk Manager) from android phone. Magisk is the simplest and most reliable tool that anyone can use to root their Android device. After Magisk Install in your android phone you get the super user of your phone you can do any thing on your phone.

How to Uninstall Magisk Completely From Android Phones
How to Uninstall Magisk Completely From Android Phones

If you want to completely remove Magisk from android phone you just follow this two methods.

Magisk Uninstaller Zip File

In first method we will uninstall Magisk from TWRP using Magisk Uninstaller Zip File, here I’ll guide with pictures just follow this method.
Download Magisk Uninstaller Zip file all version from download button.

Uninstall Magisk Using TWRP Recovery

We can uninstall Magisk from Custom Recovery using Magisk Uninstaller Zip file you can apply this method on all custom recovery in this article I’m using TWRP Recovery.

  • First reboot your phone to TWRP recovery mode.
  • Tab the Install button in TWRP recovery home screen.
Install TWRP Recovery
  • Select the Magisk uninstaller zip file.
Uninstall Magisk from Custom Recovery
  • After select flash the file using swipe.
Uninstall Magisk from TWRP
  • Then you notice success after reboot your phone.
Uninstall Magisk from TWRP Recovery

This simple method help you to completely remove Magisk from your android phone.

Uninstall Magisk Using Magisk App

When you open Magisk App you notice on main home screen Uninstall Magisk red button you can also uninstall from the this Uninstall Magisk button.

Magisk Uninstaller from Magisk APK

In this article we are remove completely Magisk from phone if you face any issue on this following step please comments.

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