Samsung One UI 7.0: Android 15 Release & Eligible Devices

Get ready for a fresh experience! Samsung is on the verge of releasing One UI 7.0, a major update to its user interface built on the brand-new Android 15 operating system. This exciting update promises a wave of new features, improved security, and a smoother overall experience for Galaxy phone and tablet users.

Samsung One UI 7.0
Samsung One UI 7.0

What’s New with One UI 7.0?

While the full list of features is still under wraps, we can expect some exciting additions to One UI 7.0, including:

  • Smarter Than Ever: One UI 7.0 is likely to leverage enhanced AI capabilities, making your device even more intuitive and helpful.
  • Security First: Expect improved security features to keep your data and privacy protected.
  • A More Streamlined Experience: Samsung is known for its user-friendly interfaces, and One UI 7.0 is expected to take it a step further with a focus on seamless navigation and ease of use.

One UI 7.0 Beta Program

If you’re eager to get a first look at One UI 7.0, you might be in luck! Samsung is expected to launch a beta program sometime in the third quarter of 2024, allowing users with compatible devices to test out the new features before the official release.

One UI 7.0 Official Release

The official rollout of One UI 7.0 is anticipated to happen between October and November of 2024. However, it’s important to note that some devices might receive the update later, potentially stretching into early 2025.

One UI 7.0 Eligible Devices

Wondering if your trusty Galaxy device will be compatible with One UI 7.0? Here’s a tentative list based on Samsung’s usual update cycle (keep in mind this is not an official list):

  • Galaxy S series (from S21 to the latest S24)
  • Galaxy Z series (including both Fold and Flip models)
  • Galaxy A series (A15 and newer models)
  • Galaxy Tab series (starting from the S8 and onwards)

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the official release date for One UI 7.0?

The official rollout of One UI 7.0 is expected to begin sometime between October and November 2024 after a beta testing period around August1. However, some Galaxy devices may not receive the update until early 2025, depending on their age and model.

Will older devices receive One UI 7.0?

It’s unlikely. Samsung typically offers two major operating system updates for its devices.

Can I participate in the beta program?

Absolutely! If you have a device on the expected compatible list, you can sign up for the beta program when it launches in Q3 of 2024.


One UI 7.0 marks a significant step forward for the Samsung Galaxy experience. With the power of Android 15 and a focus on innovation, this update promises to redefine the way you interact with your device. Stay tuned for the official announcement and prepare to explore the exciting world of One UI 7.0!

Remember: This information is based on current expectations and may change as more details are revealed. We’ll keep this article updated as official announcements are made.

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