Stratosphere X Performance Module: Maximize Android Efficiency

Enhance your rooted Android device’s capabilities with the Stratosphere X Performance module. This Magisk module is a powerhouse, offering a suite of features to fine-tune your device’s performance.

Stratosphere X Performance Module
Stratosphere X Performance Module


Rooting your Android device unlocks a new realm of potential, and the Stratosphere X Performance module is a testament to this. It’s an all-encompassing tool that allows you to control various aspects of your device’s performance, from CPU speed to battery life.


The Stratosphere X Performance module is packed with features to optimize your device:

  • FPS Adjustment: Tailor your display’s frame rate for smoother visuals.
  • CPU Overclocking: Ramp up your CPU’s clock speed for faster processing.
  • RAM Management: Enhance memory management for efficient multitasking.
  • Battery Life Extension: Implement measures to prolong your battery’s life.
  • Custom Kernel Settings: Personalize your device’s kernel for optimal performance.


Transform your Android experience with Stratosphere X Performance. Click the button below to download:

Credit to the developer, CRANKV2, for creating this fantastic module.

Installation Guide

To install the Stratosphere X Performance module:

  1. Download the Module: Get the module from the link above.
  2. Open Magisk Manager: Find Magisk Manager on your device.
  3. Install the Module: In Magisk Manager, go to ‘Modules’, tap ‘Install from storage’, and select the module file.
  4. Reboot: Reboot your device to activate the module.

Usage Guide

Configure the module using Termux with these steps:

  1. Open Termux: Start the Termux app.
  2. Access Module Settings: Type su -c strpmenu to open the settings menu.
  3. Adjust Settings: Navigate the menu to customize FPS, overclock CPU, and more.
  4. Apply Changes: Save your settings and reboot if needed.

For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the official GitHub repository.


Can overclocking my CPU affect its lifespan?

Overclocking can increase heat and stress, but with proper cooling, the impact can be minimal.

How can I revert to default settings?

You can reset to default settings anytime through the module’s menu.

Is the module safe?

The module is designed with safety in mind. However, always back up your data before making changes.


The Stratosphere X Performance module is an indispensable tool for any rooted Android user looking to boost their device’s efficiency. With its comprehensive features and straightforward installation, it empowers you to take full control of your smartphone’s performance.

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