How to Install Android 13 on any Project Treble Phones

Do you want to install android 13 on your phones there are a few things you need to know first. We are installing Google GSI ROM, GSI ROM support all project treble phones.

In this article we are using 2 methods Custom Recovery and ADB Fastboot to install android 13 on any project treble phones.

How to Install Android 13 on any Project Treble Phones
How to Install Android 13 on any Project Treble Phones

What is GSI?

GSI ROM is a pure Android implementation with unmodified AOSP code, runnable on a variety of Android devices. GSI ROM is not a custom ROM or a modified ROM. It is simply a system image that can be installed on any Android device, regardless of the manufacturer.

What is Project Treble Phones?

Project Treble is a major initiative from Google to improve the speed of Android updates. With Project Treble, Google is re-architecting Android to make it easier for manufacturers to update devices to the latest version.

How to check Project Treble?

It’s very easy to check project treble or not your phone just download “Project Info” app from google play store and check. here I’m share with you my phone screenshot just checks it my phone support project treble and also write in image Require System Image File: “arm64-ab“. When you download GSI choose the always correct file what your phones require.

treble Info samsung galaxy a9 2018
Treble Info

Install Custom Recovery

I’m recommend to you install custom recovery on your phone to flash android 13 because from custom recovery very easy and also safely you can install android 13. Custom Recovery to many benefits but I’m not explaining here. If custom recovery available for your phone Install. TWRP, ORNAGEFOX. If not available for your phone just leave it, we are Install from ADB method.

Download Android 13 GSI

In that time, you found the official Google GSI Android 13 stable version download from here given link. After download android 13 GSI you see file in .zip format extract the zip file.

Download Android 13 GSI

Install Android 13 from Custom Recovery

This methos for custom recovery using users. Remember this thing before stating install: you should be disabling the force encryption; I think you are done disable encryption when install the custom recovery. If your phone is encrypted flash this zip file from custom recovery “Disable Dm Verity Force Encrypt“. If your phone de-encrypted successfully than you can start this process.

  • Power off phone.
  • Reboot to your phone recovery.
  • Now you enter in TWRP than WIPE the (Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Data).
  • After wipe done Install GSI ROM > System Image.
  • Flash Custom Kernel (If available).
  • If you want to flash other things you can,
  • After done to flash, reboot to system.

That is simple method for custom recovery users, after boot successfully you are in android 13 phones.

Install Android 13 via Fastboot Commands

Before moving to Fastboot you need to complete to many things because system default setting can’t give permission to install non-stock software so follow this step.

Download Android SDK Platform Tools.

You need Android SDK Platform Tools in your pc first so download and extract the Platform Tools.

Android SDK Platform Tools

Enable USB Debugging.

First enable the USB Debugging flowing these methods.

Enable Developer Options.

  • Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number multiple times

After that you see toast message “developer options enable”.

Enable OEM Unlocking.

  • Settings > System > Developer Options > OEM Unlocking
  • Unlock the USB debugging toggle also.

Enable the OEM unlocking toggle if you see warning ignore that and go ahead.

Unlock Bootloader

Open command prompt on your downloaded Platform tools folder you can also move typing “cd folder name”. You should start command prompt in folder like in picture,

  • “Type “cmd” in top bar like in picture.
Platform tools use
Platform tools use
  • Then type:
adb devices
  • You see in mobile screen USB Debugging options enable that.
Allow USB Debugging
Allow USB Debugging
  • After type:
fastboot flashing unlock
  • Again:
fastboot flashing unlock_critical

Boot to Fastboot Mode

After unlock bootloader next step is phone boot to fastboot mode tyoe this simple command.

adb reboot bootloader

Installing method Android 13 via Fastboot

If you done all the given top steps, then you are ready to install android 13 in your phone via adb fastboot follow this command.

  • First step flash vbmeta.img file:
fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
  • Wipe the system partition:
fastboot erase system
  • Flash the Android 13 GSI image:
fastboot flash system system.img
  • Factory reset the device:
fastboot -w

Than final step reboot the phone:

fastboot reboot

This is the full method to install android 13 GSI on project treble phones, if you face any kinds of problem following method you can comment here also if you want watch video, please visit my YouTube Channel you found video there installing method, Thank you.

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