Latest Smali Patcher Magisk Module Download

In this article we will provide you Smali Patcher Magisk Module Latest Download link. We will provide a file from GitHub original repository. Smali Patcher work on an android 11 also and It’s famous and most people using Magisk patching module. This Magisk module will make many of your smartphone tasks easier than ever. This useful module was developed by fOmey.

What is Smali Patcher?

Smali Patcher knowing by Magisk Module patching tools. Smali Patcher provide the multiple features and most use full. Smali Patcher will automatically download the latest required binaries during startup.

Smali Patcher Magisk Module

Smali Patcher Features

  1. Mock Locations: Hide mock locations status, allowing apps like Pokemon GO to treat them as genuine location updates.
  2. Mock Providers: Allow creation of mock providers without mock permissions.
  3. GNSS Updates: Disable all GNSS (GPS) location updates.
  4. Secure Flag: Disable signature verification allowing modification/execution of signed system apps.
  5. Signature Verification: Disable signature verification allowing modification/execution of signed system apps.
  6. Signature Spoofing: Enable signature spoofing app permission.
  7. Recovery Reboot: Reboot directly back into recovery from the power menu
  8. Samsung Knox: If you use Samsung rooted phone then you should try because It’s help you to bypass Samsung Knox trip protection. Also end of this article, I’m write about how to use Samsung Health app on rooted phones.
  9. High volume Warning: Disable high volume popup dialog.

How to use Smali Patcher

  1. Enable Developer Settings: Go phone about section and tab the build number many times
  2. Go developer settings and enable USB debugging
  3. Connect your device via USB to your PC
  4. Enable authorize USB debugging connection
  5. Run “SmaliPatcher.exe”, wait few minutes to download the latest necessary binaries.
  6. Press the “PATCH” button.
  7. After process has completed, Magisk module will be generated in the same directory.
  8. Install the generated Magisk module from the Magisk app.

Download Smali Patcher

Download latest version of Smali Patcher 2022.

Smali Patcher XDA
Smali Patcher XDA

Note: You should be installing Java on your PC and Laptop also use windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is we share most people asking questions and answer about Smali Patcher you can also share your though about Smali Patcher just comment in this article.

Can Smali Patcher work on Android 11?

Yes, it works, with Magisk Canary version for Android 11 support with Smali Patcher and gps joystick on Android 11.

Can we use Smasung Secure folder in Rooted Phone?

Yes, you can use Samsung secure folder in your rooted phones just you need to flash magisk module. Use Smali Patcher tool and patch for your phone magisk module after done just flash in Magisk APP.

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