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The SmaliPatcher is an open-source tool that generates a Magisk module to apply a variety of patches to the Android framework. It's designed to work with a wide range of Android devices and versions, providing features like mock location hiding, secure flag toggling, and signature spoofing.

Developed by fOmey, SmaliPatcher pulls the Android framework from your device, applies selected patches to the source files, and then creates a Magisk module to apply these patches systemlessly. This means you can enjoy the benefits of these modifications without altering your system partition.

Key features of SmaliPatcher include:

  • Mock Locations: Hides mock location status, allowing apps to accept them as genuine location updates.
  • Secure Flag: Allows screenshots and screen sharing in secure apps.
  • Signature Verification: Disables signature verification, enabling modification and execution of signed system apps.
  • Signature Spoofing: Enables permission for signature spoofing apps.
  • Recovery Reboot: Adds an option to reboot directly into recovery from the power menu.
  • Samsung Knox: Bypasses Samsung Knox trip protection, confirmed working for secure folder.
  • High Volume Warning: Disables the high volume popup dialog.

For users interested in customizing their Android experience, SmaliPatcher can be downloaded and installed via the Magisk Manager app. A reboot is required after installation to apply the changes.

Please note that while SmaliPatcher aims to provide a range of features, it does not guarantee compatibility with all devices or ROMs, and users should verify compatibility with their specific device and ROM.

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