ML Unlocker Magisk Module: Optimize Your Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends, the thrilling multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, has become a global sensation, drawing players into its dynamic world of strategy and skill. However, not every device can keep up with the game’s demanding graphics, potentially dampening the immersive experience.

Enter the ML Unlocker Magisk Module – a simple yet powerful tool designed to break down barriers and enhance your Mobile Legends adventure.

ML Unlocker Magisk Module
ML Unlocker Magisk Module

Unveiling the Features

The ML Unlocker Magisk Module stands out for its ability to unlock Ultra HD graphics and maximize FPS on any device, regardless of its hardware limitations. This means you can enjoy Mobile Legends with stunning visuals and seamless gameplay, taking your gaming experience to new heights. Additionally, the module offers a unique Full Ultra HD graphics with spoofing feature, allowing you to switch between the highest graphics settings and spoof your device model at will.

Supported Device Screen Refresh Rates

The ML Unlocker Magisk Module caters to a wide array of devices, supporting various screen refresh rates to ensure a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Whether your device operates at 60hz, 150hz, or anything in between, this module has you covered:

  • 60hz
  • 70hz
  • 75hz
  • 90hz
  • 100hz
  • 120hz
  • 130hz
  • 140hz
  • 144hz
  • 150hz

Download ML Unlocker Magisk Module

Experience the full potential of Mobile Legends by downloading the ML Unlocker Magisk Module. Click the button below to embark on a journey of enhanced graphics and unrivaled gameplay.

Installing the ML Unlocker Magisk Module

Enhancing your Mobile Legends experience is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to install the ML Unlocker Magisk Module:

  1. Download and install Termux.
  2. Download the ML Unlocker Magisk module.
  3. Flash the ML Unlocker ZIP file using Magisk app.
  4. Open Termux and grant root permission.
  5. Type mlunlocker -a to activate the module and unlock Ultra HD graphics and Max FPS.

Usage Instructions

Navigate the ML Unlocker Magisk Module with ease using the following commands:

Activate ML Unlocker:

mlunlocker -a

Deactivate ML Unlocker:

mlunlocker -d

Unlock Full Ultra HD graphics, Max FPS, and spoof device model:

mlunlocker -f
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ML Unlocker Magisk Module safe to use?

Yes, the ML Unlocker Magisk Module is designed with safety in mind, ensuring that it enhances your gaming experience without compromising the integrity of your device.

Can I revert to the original settings after using the ML Unlocker?

Absolutely! To revert to the original settings, simply use the mlunlocker -d command to deactivate the module.


Elevate your Mobile Legends adventure with the ML Unlocker Magisk Module – a tool that unlocks the true potential of the game on any device. We’d love to hear about your enhanced gaming experience! Leave a comment below to share your thoughts, experiences, and any tips you might have for fellow Mobile Legends enthusiasts.

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