Camera2Api Enabler Magisk Module for All Android Devices

Magisk Camera2API module is one of them that allows google camera to work without any system problem. The module has been removed from Magisk due to licensing issues, but you can download it from the link below. So, if you are jealous of it, you can install the 🥺 module via Magisk.

What is Camera2Api?

The Camera2 API is a feature built into Android that provides full access to the camera application so that we can adjust the ISO, enable HDR / HDR + mode, portrait mode, manual focus, etc. Camera2 on Android is an application programming interface (API) that allows developers to access certain functions of the phone camera through software.

Camera2Api Enabler Magisk Module

To use GCam or third-party camera modules, Camera2API must be enabled. You can also enable camera2api through the build.prop file, but if you don’t want to change it, you can install this Camera2api module. A module called Camera2API Enabler is available through XDA, you just need to install it on your phone using Magisk Manager, and it will enable Camera2 API for you.

What is Magisk Module?

There are magisk modules that can change the user interface of devices, help manage user and system applications, customize emoticons, change fonts, improve performance, and more. It’s all thanks to Magisk that it’s easy for developers to develop modules that work with Magisk Manager to add more functionality to your Android device.

Magisk is a whole framework through which we can install custom modules that help us take our Android to a whole new level. The Magisk module is a way to add additional features to rooted android devices. One of them is that we can install various modules so that we can make changes to Android smartphones more easily.

How to enabled Camera2API?

Open the Magisk app, which is only available if you’ve followed the above guide correctly. After you have taken all the necessary steps, you will need to open Magisk app on your smartphone. Once Magisk has been opened on your device and the zip archive has been downloaded to your phone, go to the modules section in Magsik and press and hold the zip file while clicking the + icon at the bottom to add a module.

After that, you should restart your phone and your smartphone will have Camera2API enabled, and you can use HDR + in your Google Camera app. This means that after downloading, you can flash the zip file into Magisk app.

Download Camera2Api Enabler

You can download the fully functional version of Magisk Camera2 API Enabler (Level 3) for from our direct download link from the mirror below.

Enable Camera2Api using BuildProp Editor

Also, you can enable Camera2Api from BuildProp Editor app with using magisk module just follow these steps.

  • Download and install BuildProp Editor from Google Play Store.
  • Open BuildProp Editor app and give super user permission.
  • In top you can see edit icon just click that.
  • Now search “”.
  • After just change the value from 0 to 1.
  • If you don’t find the line of code, just write self.

After done reboot your phone and check camera2api enable or not from app. That methods help you to enable camera2api in your phones.

Can I enable Camera2 API without root?

Yes, you can enable camera2api without root you need to pull build.prop file from your phone and push the edited build.prop file from adb. You can do this job from adb methods enable your phone developer options and use SDK Platform tools for pull and push the file.

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