Audio Wizard Magisk Module – Download Latest Version

If you’re a fan of audio mods, then you’re going to love the Audio Wizard Magisk Module. This module allows you to customize the audio on your device to your liking. You can tweak the sound to your heart’s content, and you can even use it to improve the sound quality of your music.

The Audio Wizard Magisk Module is easy to use, and it’s also very safe. Unlike other audio mods, this one doesn’t modify any system files. That means that you can use it without having to worry about damaging your device.

Audio Wizard Magisk Module
Audio Wizard Magisk Module

Why Audio Wizard?

If you’re looking for an audio mod that will let you customize the sound on your device, then you should definitely check out the Audio Wizard Magisk Module. It’s a great way to improve the sound quality of your music, and it’s also very safe to use.

Download Audio Wizard Magisk Module

You can get below from the latest version of audio wizard magisk module we provide here GitHub developer release page just download latest from the top of list.

Download Audio Wizard

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