Magisk Modules

The “Magisk Modules” category contains a collection of all available Magisk modules. Magisk is a powerful tool that allows Android users to customize their device by installing custom modules.

Font Manager Magisk Module: Download Latest Version

Font Manager Magisk Module

Looking to customize the fonts and emojis on your Android device without the hassle of modifying system files? Look no further than Font Manager, a popular Magisk module designed specifically for font and emoji customization. With Font Manager, personalizing your…

MyUI 5 Dialer Magisk Module: Android 13

MyUI 5 Dialer Magisk Module

Upgrade your Android 13 dialer experience with the MyUI 5 Dialer Magisk Module. This incredible module not only supports call recording but also introduces an intriguing user interface that is bound to impress. With the MyUI 5 Dialer Magisk Module,…

BlockAds Magisk Module: Download Latest Version

BlockAds Magisk Module

In today’s digital world, advertisements seem to be everywhere we turn. They pop up on websites, interrupt our favorite apps, and can be quite intrusive. Fortunately, for rooted Android users, there is a handy solution to combat these ads effectively.…