Classic Power Menu Module: Enhancing Your Android Power Menu

The Classic Power Menu Magisk module brings back the beloved Pixel-style power off/restart menu to your Android device. If you’ve been missing the old-school power menu, this module is your solution. Let’s explore how it works and how you can download it.

Classic Power Menu Module
Classic Power Menu Module

What Is Classic Power Menu?

The Classic Power Menu module restores the power menu options that were available in Android 11 and earlier. It’s more than just a nostalgic throwback—it’s a powerful tool for customization.

Features of Classic Power Menu

  • Customizable Options: Add up to 10 different power menu options, including Screenshot, Reboot Recovery, and Reboot Bootloader.
  • Quick Access Wallet: Access your Google Wallet cards directly from the power menu, whether your device is locked or unlocked.
  • Device Controls: Control various device settings right from the power menu.
  • Material You Theme: Inspired by Material You, Classic Power Menu uses Monet colors and background blur for a sleek look.

Download Classic Power Menu

To get started, download the latest release of Classic Power Menu from the click the button below to download:

Installation and Requirements

  • Root Access: Classic Power Menu requires root access to function. Make sure your device is rooted.
  • Content Creator Mode: If you’re creating content about Classic Power Menu (videos, articles, etc.), consider enabling Content Creator Mode to protect sensitive information.

How Classic Power Menu Works

Classic Power Menu intercepts the power button press via an Accessibility Service, making it compatible with Android 11 and above.


Classic Power Menu is a must-have for Android power users who want more control over their power menu options. Download it now and customize your power menu experience!

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