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  • Version 4.6.2
  • File Size 3.39 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

The EdXposed Manager is an open-source application that serves as a user interface for managing the EdXposed framework, which is a modern take on the Xposed framework designed for newer Android versions. It allows users to install, manage, and uninstall Xposed modules, as well as configure the EdXposed framework itself.

Developed by the Elder Drivers team, the EdXposed Manager is essential for users who want to customize their device's behavior without modifying APKs directly. It's compatible with Android 8.0 to 11 and requires Magisk v21+, Riru v23+, and the EdXposed framework to function.

Key features of the EdXposed Manager APK include:

  • Module Management: Provides a user-friendly interface to manage and install EdXposed modules.
  • Log Viewer: Allows users to view detailed logs to troubleshoot any issues.
  • Framework Support: Supports the EdXposed framework, which delivers consistent APIs with the original Xposed leveraging YAHFA or SandHook hooking frameworks.
  • Open Source: The module's code is available on GitHub for community contribution and use.

For users interested in extending the capabilities of their Android devices, the EdXposed Manager offers a versatile and user-friendly solution. It's important to follow the installation instructions carefully and to understand that, while EdXposed Manager allows for significant customization, it should be used responsibly to avoid compromising system stability.

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