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  • Version 2.0
  • File Size 5.81 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Frija Tool is an open-source software designed to download and check firmware for Samsung devices. It's a successor to the previously used SamFirm tool, offering a user-friendly way to obtain the latest firmware that can be flashed using Odin.

Developed by: SlackingVeteran.

Key Features:

  • Firmware Download: Allows users to download the latest firmware directly from Samsung servers.
  • Auto and Manual Modes: Detects device model and CSC automatically or allows manual input for targeted searches.
  • IMEI/SN Field: Requires IMEI or Serial Number for retrieving firmware in manual mode.

Latest Updates:

  • The latest version, v2.0.23364.3, made the IMEI/SN field mandatory in manual mode and introduced various improvements like caching IMEI/SN fields and removing most Firebase database usage.

Frija Tool is essential for Samsung device users and developers who need to stay updated with the latest firmware releases. It simplifies the process of firmware retrieval and ensures that users have access to the latest updates for their devices.

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