Download LineageOS Dialer Magisk Module

  • Version LATEST
  • File Size 13.4 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

LineageOS Dialer Magisk Module is an open-source module that brings the LineageOS dialer app's features to any custom ROM. It is particularly celebrated for enabling call recording on devices where this feature is not natively available.

Key Features:

  • Call Recording: Allows users to record calls, a feature highly sought after but often missing in custom ROMs.
  • Support for Latest Android: Ensures compatibility with the most recent Android versions, including Android 13.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Prioritizes user privacy with secure call recording options.
  • Compatibility with Pixel ROM: Can be used with popular custom ROMs like Pixel ROM, expanding its utility.


  • The installation process is straightforward: download the module, flash it through the Magisk app, and reboot your device.

This module is a boon for custom ROM users who value the call recording feature and wish to integrate LineageOS's trusted dialer functionality into their current setup.

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