Download Malwack Magisk Module

  • Version 2.3
  • File Size 4.26 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

The Malwack Magisk Module is an open-source tool designed to enhance the security of rooted Android devices. It serves as a digital shield, protecting against malware, spyware, and intrusive ads.

Here's a simple overview:

  • Purpose: Provides protection against malware, ads, and spyware.
  • Functionality: Blocks over 850,000 harmful and annoying entities by modifying the hosts file on your device.
  • Developer: The module is maintained by the Magisk-Modules-Alt-Repo community on GitHub.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all rooted Android devices within the Magisk ecosystem.
  • Usage: Commands for Termux or terminal emulators are provided for various functions like restoring the hosts file to default, blocking adult content, whitelisting domains, etc.

For users looking to safeguard their rooted devices from digital threats, the Malwack Magisk Module can be a valuable addition. It's easy to install via the Magisk app, and its lightweight design ensures that device performance remains seamless. Remember to follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure proper functioning.

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