Download microG Magisk Module

  • Version 2.12.0
  • File Size 72.1 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

microG Magisk Module is an open-source framework that serves as a lightweight alternative to Google Play Services. It allows Android users to run apps that typically require Google's proprietary services without having to install them.

Developed by: FriendlyNeighborhoodShane.

Key Features:

  • Privacy-Focused: Reduces data sent to Google and keeps personal information private.
  • Resource-Friendly: Consumes less battery and memory compared to Google Play Services.
  • Open-Source: The code is publicly available for review and contribution.


  • Works with a wide range of Android versions and custom ROMs.


  • Download the module from the official repository.
  • Install it via Magisk Manager.
  • Follow the in-app guide to complete the setup.

microG Magisk Module is ideal for users who prefer open-source solutions and are conscious about privacy and device resources. It ensures that you can enjoy a near-complete Google-free experience on your Android device.



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