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MIUI Security Mod Magisk Module is an open-source Magisk module that integrates various MIUI security apps such as the Security app, Game Turbo, Cleaner, and Security Scan into non-MIUI ROMs. It allows users to enjoy MIUI's security features on devices running AOSP-based ROMs or other custom firmware.

Developed by: reiryuki.

Key Features:

  • Security App: Offers features like app lock, data usage monitoring, and blocklist management.
  • Game Turbo: Enhances gaming performance by optimizing system resources.
  • Cleaner: Helps free up storage space by removing junk files.
  • Security Scan: Scans installed apps and updates for security threats.


  • Non-MIUI ROM, Android 5 and up.
  • Magisk or KernelSU installed.
  • AOSP signatured ROM or disabled Android Signature Verification in non-AOSP Signatured ROM to allow android.uid.system.
  • Miui Core Magisk Module installed.


  • Install the Miui Core Magisk Module first.
  • Download and install this module via the Magisk app or KernelSU app.
  • Reboot your device.

This module is perfect for users who want to leverage MIUI's security features on their custom ROMs while maintaining the freedom and flexibility of an open-source environment.

2 thoughts on “Download MIUI Security Mod Magisk Module”

  1. In my phone, there is no game Turbo, so I’m here to download it because my dream is to become a YouTuber.

    1. Bishal Pokhrel

      You can install the game Turbo if you have a rooted phone with Magisk. There’s a Magisk module for it.

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