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  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

One UI Home Magisk Module is a software that brings the Samsung One UI Home launcher experience to rooted devices with Magisk. It's designed to provide the look and feel of Samsung's One UI Home on devices that aren't part of the Samsung ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Samsung Experience: Offers the One UI Home launcher from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Magisk Integration: Can be installed on any supported device with Magisk, allowing for systemless modifications.

Developer Information: The module is developed by reiryuki and is available on GitHub. It's important to note that while the module itself is open-source under the MIT license, the One UI apps and blobs are owned by Samsung™.

Usage: The module requires Android 13 and up, and it's not intended for use on One UI or Touchwiz ROMs. Installation is straightforward through the Magisk app, followed by a reboot to apply the changes.

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