Download Pixelify Magisk Module

  • Version 3.0
  • File Size 37.60 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Pixelify Magisk Module is an open-source Magisk module that enables Pixel exclusive features and UI elements on non-Pixel Android devices. It dynamically spoofs device properties to allow users to enjoy Pixel-specific apps and services.

Developed by: Kingsman44

Key Features:

  • Pixel Experience: Provides Pixel UI, wallpapers, and exclusive features.
  • Dynamic Spoofing: Uses Riru & Zygisk for spoofing only Google apps to prevent crashes.
  • Compatibility: Works with most Android versions from Nougat to Android 13.


  • Flash the module zip file in the Magisk Manager app.
  • Follow the in-app instructions for setup.

For users looking to bring the Google Pixel experience to their device, Pixelify offers a comprehensive solution. It's part of the open-source community's efforts to extend the functionality and personalization of Android-based operating systems.


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