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  • Version 3.0
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  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

RAMMaximizer Magisk Module is an open-source tool designed to optimize the RAM usage on Android devices. It works by managing RAM more efficiently, automatically boosting it after a time period set by the user.

Developed by: CRANKV2

Key Features:

  • Automatic RAM Management: Boosts device performance by managing RAM usage.
  • Customizable Timer: Users can set a specific time interval for RAM management actions using Termux commands.
  • Universal Requirements: Compatible with Magisk 20.0+, the latest Busybox/Brutal, and Android 6+.


  • Install it via Magisk Manager.
  • Set your own time period for RAM management using Termux with the command su -c CT <time>.

RAMMaximizer Magisk Module is a practical solution for users looking to enhance their device's performance by optimizing memory usage. It's part of the open-source community's efforts to improve Android system efficiency.

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