• Version 4.5.1
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  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

The Greenify4Magisk module is an open-source tool designed to make Greenify work as a system-integrated (privileged) app without modifying the system partition. This is known as Boost Mode, which provides the best hibernation performance possible, faster than using the root option alone.

Developed by RohanDebroy, this module injects a folder with the Greenify APK into the path `/system/priv-app`. It's designed for devices running Android 5.0 to 10.0 and requires Magisk v20.0 or higher for installation.

Key features of Greenify4Magisk include:

  • Boost Mode: Allows Greenify to operate in Boost Mode for optimal hibernation performance.
  • Systemless Integration: Installs Greenify as a privileged app without modifying the system partition.
  • Open Source: The module's code is available on GitHub for community contribution and use.

For users interested in improving their device's battery life and performance, Greenify4Magisk can be downloaded and installed via the Magisk Manager app. After installation, a reboot is required to apply the changes.

Please note that while the module aims to enhance hibernation performance, it does not guarantee compatibility with all devices or ROMs, and users should verify compatibility with their specific device and ROM.

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