High Performance DAC by OIakera

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  • Last Updated May 10, 2024

The High Performance DAC is an open-source software developed by OIakera. It is a Magisk module that enables the “High Performance DAC” mode of Qualcomm’s WCD9xx DAC.

What it does

Every phone powered by a Qualcomm processor has a built-in WCD9xx Audio DAC, but it’s rarely configured to be used to its full potential by OEMs1. This module maximizes the power of Qualcomm’s WCD9xx DAC to get the best audio quality possible. By enabling High-Performance Mode, the audio quality of Qualcomm-powered devices will not only receive a boost in volume but will sound more clear and crisp.


Just flash via Magisk/KernelSU and reboot.


Naturally, you take all the responsibility for what happens to your device when you start messing around with things. The developer (Akera) will not be responsible for ANY damage caused to anyone’s devices due to the use of this module.

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