Magisk Delta Uninstaller ZIP

  • Version Support All Version
  • File Size 11.7 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Magisk Delta Uninstaller ZIP is a utility designed to uninstall Magisk Delta and all its associated modules from an Android device. It's particularly useful for users who wish to revert their devices to a non-rooted state or switch to another root solution.

Key Features:

  • Easy Uninstallation: Provides a simple way to remove Magisk Delta by flashing the ZIP file through a custom recovery.
  • Clean Revert: Ensures that all traces of Magisk Delta are removed from the device.

Developer Information: The Magisk Delta Uninstaller ZIP is developed as part of the Magisk Delta project, which is a fork of the original Magisk. The project is open-source and the source code is available on GitHub.

Usage: To use the Magisk Delta Uninstaller ZIP, users need to download the file and flash it through a custom recovery like TWRP. After installation, a simple reboot will complete the uninstallation process.

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