Magisk Delta (Kitsune Mask) 26.4 ZIP

  • Version 26.4
  • File Size 12.2 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Magisk Delta also known as Kitsune Mask is an enhanced version of the well-known Magisk rooting tool. It's an open-source root solution that builds upon the official Magisk by adding more features and tools, aimed at users who enjoy experimenting with their Android devices.

Key Features:

  • MagiskHide: Allows users to hide the root status of their device for privacy.
  • Bootloop Protector: Provides a safety net against bootloops when installing new modules.
  • Core-Only Mode: Ensures stability by disabling all modules, focusing on core functionalities.
  • Pre-init Mount: Enables early mounting of files during the boot process for advanced users.
  • Custom init.rc: Allows customization of the device's startup sequence with personal scripts.
  • System Install: Facilitates rooting in virtual environments by installing Magisk into the /system partition.

Developer Information: Magisk Delta is developed by HuskyDG, and it's available for devices running Android 6.0 and above.

This module is perfect for tech enthusiasts who want to unlock the full potential of their Android device and enjoy a superior rooting experience with additional features.

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