Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode

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The Magisk Manager for Recovery Tool (Mode)is a powerful tool designed to enhance your experience with Magisk, an open-source systemless root solution for Android devices. Let's dive into the details:


- Purpose: Manage Magisk Modules from a terminal session in your custom recovery (such as TWRP).
- Developer: Originally created by VR25 and later updated by Rikj000.
- Compatibility: Works with Magisk versions v19.0 to v26.X.

Key Features

  1. Module Management: Easily enable, disable, and remove installed Magisk modules.
  2. Core Only Mode: Toggle core-only mode to ensure essential functionality.
  3. Magic Mount: Perform magic mounts for seamless module integration.
  4. Automated Fixes: Automatically fix issues with the `magisk.img` file using `e2fsck -fy`.
  5. Recovery Terminal: Use this tool within a recovery terminal (e.g., TWRP).


  1. Boot into your custom recovery (e.g., TWRP).
  2. Open a terminal session from within your custom recovery.
  3. Run the `*/mm` or `sh /sdcard/mm` command to start managing your modules.


Always read and understand the reference before installing or upgrading this software. While no cats have been harmed, the authors assume no responsibility for any issues that may arise due to the use or misuse of this tool. Avoid mirroring or sharing unofficial links associated with this project.

Remember, the Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode is your trusty companion when dealing with Magisk modules and recovery-related tasks!

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