Moto Core Magisk Module

  • Version 0.7
  • File Size 1 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Moto Core Magisk Module is a system core framework library ported from the Motorola XT2125 (nio) device. It serves as a dependency for any Moto Magisk Module, particularly useful for app porters who wish to load classes from this Moto Core.

Developed by reiryuki, the module is designed to work on non-Motorola ROMs with Android 6 and up. It requires Magisk or KernelSU to be installed for proper functioning. The module is licensed under the MIT license, which applies to the Magisk Module itself and not to the Motorola apps and blobs.

Key features of the Moto Core Magisk Module include:

Compatibility: Ensures that Motorola apps can function correctly on non-Motorola ROMs.
Ease of Use: Simplifies the process for app porters to use Motorola classes in their applications.
Open Source: The module's code is available on GitHub for community contribution and use.

For users interested in enhancing their device with Motorola-specific features, the Moto Core Magisk Module can be downloaded and installed via the Magisk app, KernelSU app, or Recovery if Magisk is installed. After installation, a reboot is required to apply the changes.


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