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Odin is a utility software program developed by Samsung for use internally. It's primarily used to flash firmware images to Samsung Android devices, particularly for updating the software or unbricking a device. Odin operates in a specific mode known as "Download Mode" or "Odin Mode" and is capable of flashing a custom recovery firmware image as opposed to the stock recovery firmware image.

Key Features:

  • Firmware Flashing: Allows flashing of custom and official firmware, recoveries, and more.
  • Device Unbricking: Can be used to recover devices that are bricked.
  • Exclusive to Samsung: Specifically designed for Samsung devices.

Developer Information:

While Odin is developed by Samsung, it is not officially released to the public. The versions available online are believed to be leaked from Samsung's internal use. It is mentioned in the developer documents for Samsung Knox SDK and is used by Samsung's personnel and approved repair centers.


To use Odin, the device must be put into Download Mode, which can be done by pressing a specific key combination (like Power + Volume Down + Home). The software is compatible with Windows and there's a version for Linux as well.

Please note that while Odin is a powerful tool, it should be used with caution as improper use can potentially harm your device. Always ensure to follow detailed guides and understand the process before proceeding with flashing firmware.

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