Ping Stabilizer Magisk Module

  • Version 1.5
  • File Size 90.5 KB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Ping Stabilizer Magisk Module is a systemless tool designed to enhance online gaming experiences on Android devices. It claims to improve ping and stabilize internet connections, which can be crucial for gamers who need consistent and responsive online interactions.

The module focuses on optimizing data transfer and improving TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) performance. It dynamically adjusts buffer sizes based on data transfer size, aiming to combat net speed reduction during prolonged gaming sessions.

Key features of Ping Stabilizer include:

  • Faster Data Transfer: Increases socket read/write buffer for quicker downloads and uploads.
  • Smoother Online Experiences: Boasts improved TCP performance for seamless online gaming.
  • Adaptive Buffer Adjustment: Automatically adjusts buffer sizes for optimal performance.
  • Combat Net Speed Reduction: Aims to maintain net speed during extended gaming marathons.

The module requires:

  • Magisk 23+
  • Latest Busybox/Brutal
  • Android 7+

For installation, users can download the module from the provided link and install it using the Magisk app. The developer assures that it's safe to use and can be easily removed through Magisk if necessary.

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