Pixel Launcher Mods APK

  • Version 2.6.3
  • File Size 32 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Pixel Launcher Mods APK is a root application for Android 12 and above that allows users to enhance the stock Pixel Launcher with additional features, without the need for Xposed Framework. It enables customization of icons, including icon packs and adaptive icon packs, and adds themed icons to apps that don't officially support them.

Key Features:

  • Custom Icons: Supports custom icons, icon packs, and Lawnicons.
  • Themed Icons: Allows adding themed icons to apps without official themes.
  • Widget Replacement: Users can replace the search box with a widget of their choice.
  • Hide Features: Provides options to hide 'At a Glance' and apps from the app drawer.
  • Resize Widgets: Enables resizing widgets beyond their original bounds.

Developer Information: Pixel Launcher Mods is developed by Kieron Quinn, known on GitHub as KieronQuinn. The project is open-source and licensed under GPL-3.0, inviting contributions from the community.

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