PlayIntegrityFix Magisk Module

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  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

The PlayIntegrityFix Magisk Module is an open-source solution aimed at resolving Play Integrity and SafetyNet verdicts on Android devices. This module is particularly beneficial for users with rooted devices who wish to pass the integrity checks used by various apps and services to confirm the security status of the device.

Developed by chiteroman, this module is designed to work with devices that have root access and Zygisk. It's compatible with setups that include Magisk with Zygisk enabled, KernelSU with ZygiskNext module installed, or APatch with ZygiskNext module installed.

Key features of the PlayIntegrityFix Magisk Module include:

  • Functionality: Aims to achieve 'MEETS_BASIC_INTEGRITY' and 'MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY' in Play Integrity API checks, and a 'true' result for 'basicIntegrity' and 'ctsProfileMatch' in SafetyNet checks.
  • Compatibility: Works with a variety of Android devices that meet the module's requirements.
  • Open Source: The code for the module is available on GitHub, allowing for community contributions and use.

For users looking to maintain the functionality of their rooted devices while passing Play Integrity and SafetyNet checks, the PlayIntegrityFix Magisk Module can be downloaded and installed via the Magisk app or Recovery if Magisk is installed. A reboot is necessary after installation to activate the module's features. Please note that while the module aims to fix integrity verdicts, it does not guarantee compatibility with all apps or services, and users should verify compatibility with their specific device and ROM.

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