Shamiko Magisk Module

  • Version 0.5.2
  • File Size 247 KB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Shamiko Magisk Module is a Zygisk module designed to hide the presence of Magisk root, Zygisk itself, and Zygisk modules like Riru from detection by certain apps. It's particularly useful for users who want to use banking or other security-sensitive applications on their rooted devices without triggering root detection mechanisms.

Key Features:

  • Root Hiding: Effectively conceals root status from selected applications.
  • Zygisk Integration: Works as part of the Zygisk framework, which is a part of Magisk.
  • Selective Hiding: Users can configure which apps Shamiko hides root from.

Developer Information: Shamiko is developed by the team behind the LSPosed Module, which is known for its work on Android customization and system modification.

Usage: Shamiko requires Magisk 24.1 or above and Zygisk to be enabled. Users can install Shamiko from the Magisk Module section and configure it to hide root from specific processes.

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