Sui Magisk Module (Zygisk)

  • Version 13.0.1
  • File Size 1.09 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

Sui Magisk Module is a modern super user interface implementation for Android, providing Java APIs through the Shizuku API. It simplifies the development process for root apps by allowing direct use of Android APIs almost in Java as the identity of the root.

Key Features:

  • Java API Access: Enables root apps to use Android APIs directly.
  • No Binaries in PATH: Sui does not add binaries to PATH, avoiding detection by apps that look for them.
  • Magisk Requirement: Sui is not a full root solution and requires Magisk to run.

Developer Information: The Sui project is developed by RikkaApps and is available on GitHub. The name 'Sui' also comes from a character, adding a unique touch to the project.

Usage: Sui can be downloaded and installed directly from Magisk or by using the zip file from the release section on GitHub. It's designed to make root app development more comfortable and less detectable by apps that may restrict rooted devices.

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