Systemless Ad Blocker

  • Version 1.5
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  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

A systemless ad blocker is a type of software that blocks ads on your device without modifying the system partition. This is particularly useful for Android users who have rooted their devices and want to keep their system files intact. One popular example of such software is AdAway, which is an open-source ad blocker that uses hosts files to block ads across the entire device.

AdAway is developed by the AdAway community and is licensed under GPLv3+. It allows users to add their own sources of hosts files and create custom rules for redirects. The software is not available on Google Play due to policy violations but can be installed via F-Droid, an alternative app store for open-source applications.

The key features of AdAway include:

  • Custom Sources: Users can easily add their own sources of hosts files.
  • Custom Rules: It's possible to add exceptions to the whitelist, blocklist, and create rules for redirects.
  • Root Not Required: It can operate in local VPN mode without root, but also supports systemless hosts with Magisk for rooted devices.

For users looking for an effective way to block ads without altering their device's system files, a systemless ad blocker like AdAway offers a robust solution. As an open-source project, it invites contributions from the community on its GitHub repository.

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