ViPER4AndroidFX Magisk Module

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The ViPER4AndroidFX Magisk Module is an open-source audio enhancement tool that allows users to customize the sound on their Android devices. It's compatible with rooted devices and can be installed via the Magisk Manager app.

Developed by Team_DeWitt, this module offers a variety of features, including an equalizer, bass boost, reverb effects, and support for external audio devices. It's designed to work with Android Marshmallow and newer versions, and it adheres to SELinux enforcing for security.

Key features of the ViPER4AndroidFX Magisk Module include:

  • Audio Customization: Provides extensive control over audio output with advanced settings.
  • User Profiles: Allows users to create or download custom sound profiles.
  • Compatibility: Supports a wide range of Android devices and versions.
  • Open Source: The module's code is available on GitHub for community contribution and use.

For users looking to enhance their audio experience on Android, the ViPER4AndroidFX Magisk Module can be downloaded and installed via the Magisk app. After installation, a reboot is required to apply the changes.

Please note that while the module aims to provide a superior audio experience, it does not guarantee compatibility with all devices or audio apps, and users should verify compatibility with their specific device and audio application.

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