Magisk 26.1: The Latest Update with Improved Stability and Bug Fixes

Magisk, the popular rooting tool that gives users more control over their Android devices, has just released a new update, version 26.1. While this update doesn’t introduce any major new features, it does offer several important bug fixes and improvements to enhance the stability and functionality of the tool.

Magisk 26.1
Magisk 26.1

Here are some of the changes and improvements that you can expect from Magisk 26.1:

Bug Fixes

One of the most significant changes in Magisk 26.1 is the fix for a crashing issue when revoking root permissions. This fix addresses a major problem that was introduced in the previous version of Magisk.

Improved Stability

Magisk 26.1 also improves the stability of the tool by always prioritizing ext4 partitions over f2fs partitions during the pre-init partition selection process. This ensures that Magisk works smoothly on a wider range of devices.

Context/Owner/Group Restoration

Another important improvement in Magisk 26.1 is the restoration of the context/owner/group of module files from the mirror. This regression was introduced in version 26.0 and has now been fixed.

While Magisk 26.1 may not introduce any new groundbreaking features, it does offer important improvements that make the tool more stable and reliable. With these updates, Magisk users can continue to enjoy the benefits of rooting their Android devices without worrying about crashing or other issues.

Download: Magisk ZIP 26.1
Download: Magisk APK 26.1
Download: Magisk Uninstaller 26.0
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If you’re a fan of customizing your Android device, Magisk is an excellent tool that gives you more control over your device’s functionality. With the latest update, version 26.1, you can expect improved stability and bug fixes that make the tool even more reliable. So why not upgrade to Magisk 26.1 today and start customizing your device with confidence?

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