Magisk Beta: Download the Latest Systemless Rooting Tool

If you’re a fan of Android and wish to maximize your device’s capabilities, Magisk Beta 27.0 is your go-to solution. As the most recent version of the leading systemless rooting utility, this update introduces an array of new features and enhancements. It simplifies the rooting process like never before, enabling you to root your device seamlessly without modifying the system partition.

Download Magisk Beta
Download Magisk Beta

What is Magisk Beta?

Magisk Beta is a testing version of Magisk, a popular tool for rooting Android devices. It offers cutting-edge features and lets you manage root access and modules, but beware – it might have bugs as it’s designed for adventurous users who want to be on the bleeding edge.

Is it safe to use Magisk Beta?

Generally, yes, but because it’s a testing version, there’s a small chance of running into bugs. It’s always a good idea to back up your stuff before making any major changes to your phone.

Download Magisk Beta 27.0

Are you prepared to dive in? Magisk Beta 27.0 is available for download at the following link. This release is compatible with system-as-root devices and introduces features such as concealing Magisk from Google’s SafetyNet. To begin your download and enter the realm of sophisticated Android customization, click the button below.

magisk zip
Magisk Beta
Software NameMagisk Beta
Last UpdatedNovember 6, 2024
Android Version Requirements6.0+
Total Downloads500 Million+
File Size11.9 MB

Magisk Other Version

If you’d prefer a more stable experience, consider checking out the latest stable version of Magisk. It offers a more polished experience and is ideal for those who want the benefits of rooting without the potential risks associated with a beta version. You can find the stable version link below.

For those who are comfortable with a less stable version but want to be on the cutting edge, you can also try the version of Magisk. This version may have bugs or quirks, but it also includes the newest features. You can find the canary version link below as well.

Disclaimer: The Magisk Beta file provided here is 100% genuine, with no alterations to the source code, sourced directly from the developer, and is free of any malware. However, please note that rooting your device can void your warranty and carries certain risks. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. Always ensure to back up your data before making any system modifications.


Magisk Beta is an excellent option for Android enthusiasts seeking greater control and customization options. However, as it is a beta version intended for testing, one should exercise caution and ensure that their data is backed up before proceeding.

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