Play Integrity NEXT: The Ultimate Guide to Fixing SafetyNet

Rooting your phone or installing a custom ROM can unlock new features and customization options, but it often comes with the downside of failing Google’s SafetyNet check. This can restrict access to certain apps and updates. PlayIntegrityNEXT is a cutting-edge solution that helps maintain the integrity of your device’s Play Store functionality.

Play Integrity NEXT
Play Integrity NEXT

What is Play Integrity NEXT?

Play Integrity NEXT is a toolkit designed to help devices with custom ROMs or rooted phones pass SafetyNet checks. It includes and the Play Integrity Fix Module by Chiteroman, which together provide a reliable fix for the common SafetyNet failure issue.

Why Use Play Integrity NEXT?

Google’s SafetyNet is designed to detect and block devices that may not be secure, which includes those that are rooted or running custom ROMs. By using PlayIntegrityNEXT, you can ensure that your device passes these checks, allowing you full access to the Play Store and its services.


To get started with restoring your device’s Play Store integrity, simply click the download button below. This will provide you with the necessary files, including the and the Play Integrity Fix Module. These files are essential for the installation process and will help you overcome the SafetyNet challenge on your rooted or custom ROM device.

Installing PlayIntegrityNEXT

To install PlayIntegrityNEXT:

  1. Flash both playcurl and play integrity fix modules to your device.
  2. Reboot your device to complete the installation process.

Using PlayIntegrityNEXT

Once your device is up and running:

  • Open the fp_downloader app, grant it the required permissions, and make sure notifications are active.
  • Verify Play integrity with the SPIC app or the Play Store checker.


If your device’s fingerprint gets banned:

  • Open the fp_downloader app or use the Termux command fp to resolve the issue.


With PlayIntegrityNEXT, you can enjoy the full potential of your rooted or custom ROM device without worrying about SafetyNet failures. It’s a straightforward solution for a seamless Android experience, ensuring that your device stays functional and secure.

Bishal Pokhrel
Bishal Pokhrel

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