AdClose for Android: Stop App Ads & Take Control

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by ads on your Android phone? Pop-ups that disrupt your gaming, banner ads that consume valuable screen real estate—it can be extremely aggravating. For those seeking a seamless, ad-free mobile experience, AdClose may be the solution you’re looking for.

AdClose for Android
AdClose for Android

What is AdClose?

AdClose is a powerful tool for Android users that acts as a guardian against intrusive ads within your apps. It’s an Xposed module, which means it works seamlessly with the LSPosed framework to effectively block ads before they even have a chance to appear.

Features of AdClose:

Here’s what makes AdClose such a game-changer:

  • Precise Ad-Blocking: AdClose takes a proactive approach by preventing ad SDKs (software development kits) from initializing within apps. This eliminates the possibility of ads showing up in the first place.
  • Network Request Blocker: Like a vigilant bouncer, AdClose intercepts any network requests related to ads, preventing them from reaching your device.
  • Screenshot and Screen Recording Freedom: Capture screenshots and screen recordings without worrying about ads photobombing your perfect moments.
  • Enhanced Privacy: AdClose removes VPN and proxy detection checks by apps, ensuring your privacy remains protected.
  • No More Sensor-Triggered Ads: Some sneaky ads use features like shake gestures to appear. AdClose disables these tactics, keeping your experience ad-free.
  • Root-Friendly Bliss: Even rooted Android devices can benefit from AdClose’s ad-blocking magic, thanks to its root detection bypass.


To utilize AdClose effectively, you’ll need the following:

Download AdClose:

Secure the AdClose module to begin your ad-free experience! Download it using the button below.

Using AdClose: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download and activate AdClose: Once you have the AdClose module downloaded, activate it within the LSPosed app manager.
  2. Choose Your Ad-Free Battlefield: Select the apps where you want to block ads.
  3. Fine-Tune with Hooks: Launch the AdClose app and choose the list of apps you selected. Here, you can enable specific features (hooks) to target different types of ads within those chosen apps.

Pro Tip: For optimal ad-blocking, make sure to activate the “App Request Check” feature within the AdClose app itself.


In conclusion, AdClose empowers you to take back control of your Android experience by eliminating disruptive ads. Enjoy unrestricted browsing, seamless screenshot capture, and uninterrupted app usage. For further details on AdClose and its development, refer to the official GitHub repository.

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