AdClose: An Open-Source Ad Blocker for Android

  • Version 1.7.7
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  • Last Updated March 30, 2024

AdClose is an open-source Android ad-blocking tool based on the **Xposed framework**. Its mission is to provide users with an ad-free app browsing experience, optimizing user interactions by minimizing distractions. Please note that **AdClose** should be used within the **LSPosed framework environment**.

Core Features

  • Precise Handling: AdClose prevents the initialization of ad SDKs within apps.
  • Ad Request Interception: It intercepts and blocks network requests for in-app advertisements.
  • Screenshot and Screen Recording Freedom: AdClose allows users to freely take screenshots and record their screens within apps.
  • VPN and Proxy Detection Removal: It eliminates VPN and system proxy detection within apps.
  • Sensor Listener Removal: Disables sensor-based ad redirection (e.g., shaking the device).
  • Root Detection Evasion: Removes general root, Magisk, and Xposed framework detection within apps.

How to Use AdClose

  1. Install LSPosed Framework: Before installing AdClose, ensure that your device has the LSPosed framework installed.
  2. Download and Install AdClose Module: Obtain the AdClose module and install it.
  3. Activate AdClose: In the LSPosed module manager, activate the AdClose module.
  4. Select Target Apps: Within the module scope, choose the apps from which you want to remove ads.
  5. Enable Hook Features: Launch the AdClose module, select the app list, and enable the relevant hook features.

Contribution and Support

Contributions: If you have suggestions for improving AdClose or discover any bugs, feel free to raise an issue on our GitHub repository.
Support: If AdClose has been helpful to you, consider giving us a star! Your support motivates us to keep improving.

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