AML Magisk Module: Unleash Your Audio Potential

Are you tired of the limitations of your device’s audio? Do you yearn for richer, deeper sound and crave a world of audio customization? Look no further than the Audio Modification Library (AML) and its powerful companion, the AML Magisk Module. This dynamic duo unlocks the true potential of your device’s audio hardware, allowing you to experience sound like never before.

The AML Magisk Module empowers you to bypass manufacturer-imposed limitations and unlock the full potential of your audio hardware. This means experiencing the music, movies, and games you love with breathtaking clarity, depth, and detail. Immerse yourself in a sonic landscape that will leave you wanting more.

AML Magisk Module
AML Magisk Module

What is AML?

AML is a powerful tool that allows you to combine multiple audio mods into one seamless experience. It works by:

  • Searching your Magisk directory for supported audio mods and incorporating them into itself.
  • Combining the audio effect/policy/mixer/etc files from these mods into one set, so only one copy is active at any given time.
  • Automatically adjusting for changes in your audio mods, such as installations, removals, or updates.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of multiple audio mods without worrying about conflicts or compatibility issues.

Features of AML

  • Standalone zip file: Flash it once and forget it.
  • Supports Magisk, Magisk Delta, and KernelSU: Works across different rooting environments.
  • Automatically combines supported audio mods: No need to configure each mod individually.
  • Adapts to changes in your audio mods: Ensures smooth operation even as your audio setup evolves.
  • Supports a wide range of audio mods: From AM3D to SquareSound and many more.

Download AML Magisk Module

Click the download button below to get the AML Magisk Module. This module was developed by @reiryuki and you can find the source code on GitHub.

How to Use AML

  • Download the AML from above provided download button.
  • Flash the AML zip file in Magisk Manager.
  • Install your desired audio mods.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Enjoy the enhanced audio experience!
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If you encounter any issues, please refer to the AML documentation or community thread. You can also provide the following information for further assistance:

  • Recovery log after flashing AML.
  • List of installed audio mods.
  • AML version last working on (if applicable).
  • Zip attachment of your AML folder (/data/adb/modules/aml).
  • Zip attachment of your AML backup folder (/data/adb/aml).

Getting Started with AML

To get started with AML, explore the extensive list of supported mods and choose the ones that resonate with your audio preferences. Remember, the more mods you combine, the richer and more customized your audio experience will be.


AML is a revolutionary tool that puts the power of audio customization in your hands. With its ease of use, extensive compatibility, and ever-growing community, AML is the ultimate solution for those who demand the best possible audio experience from their devices. So, take the plunge and unlock the world of audio possibilities with AML today.

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