AML Magisk Module

  • Version 5.1
  • File Size 14 KB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

AML, which stands for Audio Modification Library, is a compatibility framework that enables the seamless integration of multiple audio mods for Magisk installs. It allows supported audio mods to share the same necessary files, such as `audio_effects.conf`, ensuring that only one copy of each file is active at any given time.

The AML Magisk Module was originally created by zackptg5 and ahrion. It's designed to work with Magisk, a popular systemless rooting solution for Android devices. The module is open-source and available on GitHub, where users can contribute to its development or download the latest version.

Key features of AML include:

Mod Compatibility: Facilitates the use of multiple audio mods without conflicts.
Systemless Operation: Functions without altering the system partition of the device.
Easy Management: Simplifies the management of audio-related files for mods.

For users interested in enhancing their device's audio capabilities, the AML Magisk Module offers a robust solution. As an open-source project, it invites contributions from the community on its GitHub repository.

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